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Tuesday, 28 February 2017
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NH Governor Signs Knife Rights Bill into Law Print E-mail

May 18: New Hampshire Governor John Lynch has signed Rep. Jenn Coffey’s Knife Rights Bill into law, removing restrictions on switchblades, dirks, daggers and stilettos in Hew Hampshire and essentially removing all restrictions on knives in New Hampshire state law. New Hampshire now has no knife laws which stop law abiding citizens from buying, selling, owning, carrying, possessing, transporting, collecting, or lawfully using any type of knife. This is the first complete repeal of a state's knife restrictions ever.

NH Union Leader Front Page Headline: "Switchblade knives now legal in NH..." Read entire article.

It is worth noting the bipartisan appeal of this legislation; a bill introduced by a minority member of the legislature passed with unanimous consent in both Democratic controlled houses and signed by a Democratic Governor. Proof of what can be accomplished when you have a well-conceived plan and combine a passionate and effective legislator; a professional lobbying effort supported by Knife Rights and organized, hard-working and involved citizen support.

Rep. Coffey will be honored with Knife Rights' Freedom's Edge award at Knife Rights' Sharper Futureâ„¢ Awards Breakfast at BLADE Show in Atlanta on June 5th (see below). Special thanks to New Hampshire Knife Rights member Evan Nappen for his local leadership and hard work toward getting this legislation passed.

New Hampshire State Representative Jennifer Coffey has introduced a bill to legalize "stilettos, switch knives, daggers, and dirk-knives" for all law-abiding citizens in New Hampshire. Heretofore, these knives, which are not well-defined in the state law, have been restricted in the state, even though New Hampshire has some of the most liberal gun carry laws in the nation. The bill has received broad bipartisan support according to our sources and stands a good chance of passage. Knife Rights member and Second Amendment legal adviser, Evan Nappen, has been actively involved in developing and promoting this bill.

Rep. Coffey's bill removes the prohibition on these knives and focuses the law on CRIMINAL USE of the knives. Knife Rights supports efforts that remove restrictions on ownership, carry and legitimate use of knives as tools and arms and recognizes that it is the criminal use of knives that should garner the law's attention. You can read more about this bill at: www. KnifeLawsOnline.com

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