"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." -- Thomas Jefferson
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Tuesday, 28 March 2017
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"I can't think of a more fundamentally useful, basic tool in existence today than a good quality knife."

"I whole-heartedly endorse the work of Knife Rights and support their mission! Join Knife Rights today."

-- R. Lee "The Gunny" Ermey

"It isn’t about the size of the knife or the type of knife, it is about freedom. I support Knife Rights!"

-- Sheriff David A. Clarke

"Knife Rights is the Second Front in Defense of the Second Amendment. They are the premier grassroots organization protecting our right to own knives. Those who love freedom need Knife Rights, so please join me in supporting their mission."

-- Wayne LaPierre, Exec. VP & CEO, NRA

"Whether in town or on a hunt, a knife earns its place at my side as an essential tool. I am a knife user and proud to be one."

"Leave my knives alone! Knife Rights is standing up for our freedom. Join me in this fight; join Knife Rights today!"

-- S.E. Cupp
Rewriting Knife Law In America™

  • Congress Amends Federal Switchblade Act
    to Protect Assisted and One-Hand Openers
    -
  • Arizona, Utah, New Hampshire, Georgia, Kansas, Alaska, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas & Wisconsin Knife Preemption Laws Enacted
    National Knife Law Preemption Campaign Rolls On
  • New Hampshire, Maine, Missouri, Kansas, Alaska, Indiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Nevada & Wisconsin Knife Rights Bills
    Legalize Automatics (Switchblades) and other banned knives
  • Washington Knife Rights Bill
    Legalizes Assisted-Openers & Allows Manufacture of Automatics

  • Knife Rights is the Second Front
    in Defense of the Second Amendment™

Win Exciting Prizes for Supporting Knife Rights Print E-mail

The upcoming NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits and BLADE Show are our two biggest events of the year. If you are attending either event, you need to make sure you stop by and see us, because you could win BIG!

At the NRA in Pittsburgh we will once again be right next door to KA-BAR who generously continue to donate space to Knife Rights. Find us in Booth 1846.

At BLADE Show in Atlanta we have a new location, Booth 139. We're right in the middle of things now, so please make a point to stop by and besides the incredible prizes that you could win if you join or renew your membership, we'll have some valuable and exciting surprise prizes we will be handing out randomly during the show, as well as one extraordinary prize that you are eligible for by just signing up for our FREE News Slice newsletter.

Even if you cannot attend these two events in person, if you join or renew between now and the end of BLADE Show (June 12), you are still eligible to win these great prizes!

Click here to read the latest News Slice with information on all the extraordinary prizes you can win by supporting Knife Rights.

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